Rock Wall in AlabamaAt Dawson Landscape group they are routinely trying to help out the community around the the Birmingham Alabama area. More and more residents have figured out the importance of preventative maintenance for there yards. Brad and his team have found that a good work ethic of an honest team goes a long way when performing landscaping projects.

Time and time again we see these fly by night companies that promise the world and leave your yard a mess to clean up. Well Dawson Landscape group is not that type of company, we have a good reputation and can provide you with references from many happy customers that appreciate having their yards well groomed by a professional company.

Many of the jobs that Dawson Landscape takes on involve landscaping installations, grading (to help with water run off), and fertilization/weed control. All of these things add up to a well rounded company that is more than willing to listen to our customer needs and over deliver every time. You can visit our portfolio here for our Landscaping Projects.